This is the one we’ve all waited for. A professional grade marvel of wizardry that has the technological wisdom of a generation painstakingly poured into it.
The EOS 70D resets the bar in not only focusing power but also image quality, onboard smarts and user interface like no other has for a decade. Read on for some brief high notes.
The critics agree, this is unstoppable. Get ready professionals, we’re about to make you look really good.

We just made video cameras obsolete. Not really. But what we did do was make buying one of the highest functioning, smoothest focusing video cameras ever engineered a done deal with the EOS 70D.
And one of the obsolete parts is the way camcorders used to focus. It was difficult to get smooth, fast, accurate focus while tracking subjects. Canon has mastered the craft here. So enjoy your Full HD and HD, your depth of field control, frame rates up to 60fps, a quiet focus motor, over 90 minutes of shooting with a high capacity memory card, time coding, enhanced audio capture - and eat your cake too.
“The camera will give you incredible 1080p high def video quality along with unprecedented Movie Servo AF performance.”

Let’s start with image quality. Because If you’re thinking in linear megapixels, you’re missing the picture. Gorgeous detailed capture comes from three crucial factors that converge here in the EOS 70D: yes, megapixels (20.2 of them), but also sensor size (large) and 14-bit signal processing (for deep tonal gradation and gorgeous detail in subtle tones).
Now pair all this capability with 103 compatible Canon lenses and you start to see why critics are saying this camera is the total package.
“As the years go by, we see camera technology advance by fits and starts... but it's rare that anything really amounts to a true technological breakthrough. Canon has just made one.”
- Imaging Resource

The most tedious aspect of digital image capture now has a revolutionary breakthrough worth talking about. Wait for it... DIGIC 5+ powered, Dual Pixel CMOS AF.
TECH SPEAK phase detection accuracy; extra large coverage area; each pixel providing dual sets of data from which optimal focus is determined; increased low light sensitivity and improved noise reduction with better detail.
THE SIZZLE instantly and precisely accurate focusing with smooth cinematic effect even when movements are erratic. Low light capabilities unheard of without a flash. And watch it all live on the LCD.
“Could well be the most capable live view autofocus system we've yet seen on any type of camera.”
- DP Review

Give the 180º by 270º swivel 3-inch 1.04 million dot LCD monitor a spin. Lay down, shoot the moon, whatever it takes. An intuitive touch panel with two-finger touch-gesture controls most everything including shutter release.
All kinds of stunning tricks for overcoming low or back lighting, multiple exposures and HDR bracketing with amazing merging technology, and minute shifts that give colors more vibrancy and increase a feeling of transparency -all onboard, and displayed in real time.
For the tough stuff, this camera elevates the game.

If I had to pick a do-everything-well APS-C format camera that does not cost a fortune, the Canon EOS 70D would be my recommendation. This camera has it all - great image quality with high resolution, a great AF system, a moderately large viewfinder, a fast/responsive shutter release combined with a very nice frame rate, a great LCD and compatibility with an incredible range of lenses, flashes and other accessories. And if video is on your bucket list, the camera will give you incredible 1080p high def video quality along with unprecedented Movie Servo AF performance.
The 70D used in this review was ordered online/retail. Owning a Canon product
gives you access to Canon support. The support provided by Canon's USA division is excellent (sorry, I have no experience with the other Canon divisions). When I call for support, I get an intelligent person who sincerely wants to help me with whatever my question or problem is.
We have come a long way since the 3.25 mp D30 (yes, the D used to be in front of the number in Canon's naming scheme). The D60 was next, then the 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D and now the 70D. That list places the 70D as the 9th model in this series. We have seen very significant upgrades throughout that path... the 70D, however, is a much more compelling upgrade.
In addition to a feature roll-up, the 70D gets brand new technology and becomes what is arguably now the best all-purpose Canon DSLR camera available without facing the much bigger price required to step up to the full frame models which currently start at $1,999USD. The 70D's reasonable price will have a big influence on its selection by many.
Is the EOS 70D the right camera for you? Very likely the answer is "Yes". This camera covers the needs of a very high percentage of photographers.
- by Bryan Carnathan
Putting aside the new Dual Pixel AF system for a moment, the EOS 70D represents a decent upgrade over its predecessor. It offers a more capable 19-point all cross-type zonable AF system, faster continuous shooting, built-in Wifi with laptop or smartphone remote control, broader viewfinder coverage, a touch-screen, the choice of movie compression, optional timecode, deeper bracketing and AF micro-adjustment. Considering the minor refresh that became the EOS T5i / 700D, the EOS 70D represents a significant move forward by Canon. Indeed it brings the 70D close to what's offered by the EOS 7D, surpassing it in some respects, and having us all speculate what the company has up its sleeve for a possible successor in the semi-pro category.
But of course the big story here is the debut of Dual Pixel CMOS AF. Canon has delivered one of the most exciting developments in sensor technology for years.
Put it into Face tracking and you'll be amazed as it confidently follows and refocuses on subjects as they move around the frame without a hint of hunting. The continuous AF may still not be fast enough in Live View to capture fast action, but to be fair this currently eludes all mirrorless models too. The point is Dual Pixel CMOS AF gives you the best continuous movie AF on the market and if you want to shoot action, just frame it through the viewfinder and use its very capable traditional system instead.
Many cameras involve some compromises in what you can take, but the 70D suffers from little if any of those limitations. It can quickly respond to a wide variety of situations, taking high quality stills, tracking fast action through the viewfinder, shooting high speed bursts and confidently refocusing for movies. These make the 70D one of the most capable all-round cameras I've tested, even if the star of the show is the continuous movie AF. And if continuous AF while filming is important to you, then you've definitely found your camera.
- Camera Labs
The new Canon EOS 70D offers the best all-round combination yet of viewfinder, live view and movie shooting experience for a DSLR camera, backed up by excellent image quality from the 20 megapixel APS-C sensor, proven handling and fast performance, making it a very appealing do-it-all interchangeable lens camera that suits a lot of users.
You may think that bumping the megapixel count to 20 on such a comparatively small sensor would only degrade the resulting photos, but thankfully you'd be wrong. The 20 megapixel CMOS sensor and expanded ISO range produce virtually no visible noise at all from ISO 100 all the way up to ISO 1600, with even the three faster settings of 3200-12800 producing perfectly usable images (although 25600 is best reserved
for emergency use). All other image quality aspects are up to Canon's usual high standards, so top marks go to the 70D in this department. Even the 18-135mm kit lens is worth considering if you've not yet bought into the Canon system.
The 70D shares many of the features offered by its little brother, the Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i - a 3 inch 1040k-dot LCD screen with 3:2 aspect ratio, 63-zone metering, Full HD movie recording with user selectable frame rates, and similar build quality. We'd still recommend paying the extra cash, though, principally for the 70D's better viewfinder, 19-point AF system, secondary LCD screen and control dial, speedier burst shooting, more refined movie mode, wi-fi connectivity
and much more intuitive control layout and handling, not even mentioning that compelling Dual-Pixel CMOS AF system. And it inherits so many key features from the higher-end, but older, 7D model that for us the cheaper 70D is a more sensible purchase.
Indeed, until we see Dual-Pixel CMOS AF inevitably make its way across the EOS range, we'd recommend the new Canon EOS 70D as the APS-C camera to go for if you're currently considering a mid-range DSLR camera. It offers a winning blend of features, performance and image quality that is hard to beat, both by its EOS brothers and other manufacturers' offerings. The new EOS 70D marks a real step forward for both Canon and the venerable SLR camera.

Hold on, we’re just getting started. This is only beginning to get good.
Let’s list a few tricks to start your creative juices: trigger multiple external flashes simultaneously without complicated lighting knowledge; use the electronic horizontal level function when there’s no reference or it’s dark; silence the camera’s operational sounds to shoot your kids in slumber without waking them up.
And we could go on. These are just the big fish. But there are tricks for every style and the subjects you go after. Look at these popular filters on board:
> Miniaturize
> Grainy B&W
> Fisheye
> Toy Camera
> Soft Focus
> Art Bold

Full-on, built-in wireless. The holy grail of shooting in the field and some other fantastic tricks to add to the mix. Okay, yes, shoot from up to 98.4 feet away, give or take, without scaring off the critters. But also control the camera’s functions like focus, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and shutter release remotely from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Exchange images with other Canons, send images to your wireless enabled printer, upload to Facebook and Twitter and even review images on your smartphone or tablet without taking the 70D out of the bag.
You separate the men from the boys when you can capture amazing images and add the ability to do stuff with them too.

You can buy this camera from a host of retailers. But Canon believes in local and supporting your neighborhood camera store. Your local retailer can not only give you the same rock-bottom price that the biggies do, but they usually offer handy tips, personalized service and the ability to support your fellow photographing professional.
Click on the button to your right here and see what your local retailer has in store for you today. They sweeten the deal with a little extra and we hope you’ll support them in turn as a valuable part of our photography industry.
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The smallest digital single lens reflex camera* in the industry provides a nimble and fully loaded tool of photographic power and flexibility.
At a mere 13 ounces, the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 delivers 18 megapixel clarity and tonal range with rapidfire DIGIC 5 image processing power. A marvel of wizardry that shoots stills and video while fitting neatly in the palm of your hand.
Extraordinary photographic power is yours on the fly.

25% smaller and 28% lighter
than the EOS Rebel T4i
Capture magnificent stills, up to 4 action-filled frames per second, and 30 minutes of HD video with the EOS Rebel SL1.
Continuous auto-focus tracking, on-board editing capabilities, a 3” wide LCD with touch-screen interactivity and a full suite of Canon lenses at your disposal make this mighty little multitasking camera one clever handful of options.
You’ll never reach for your phone to shoot again.

Once you capture your unique viewpoint on the world, refine your images realtime with on-board tools that add filters like selective focus and fish-eye, crop and resize. Then rate and compile your images into photobook playbacks.
Add a compatible wifi transmitter* and upload images fast, without a cord. And with the optional GPS receiver you can note your location with each image.
This is the beginning of something really big.

LENSES Compatible with Canon lenses including compact, lightweight, ultra wide-angle, super telephoto, and lenses optimized for video shooting.
WIFI Compatible with Wi-Fi® transmitter* for wireless, high-speed transfer of images directly from the camera.
GPS Compatible with GPS Receiver to record latitude, longitude, altitude, with the ability to track movement with a logging function.
The clever little camera with options both far and wide.

Capture up to 30 minutes of continuous video action in gorgeous high definition. You can even shoot a still while the video camera is running.
The 9-point autofocus system provides outstanding performance around action scenes. And the built-in monaural microphone with wind filter feature for outdoor shooting brings you that much closer to the pros... still all in the palm of your hand.
Make home movies the best you’ll ever watch.

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